Tuesday, April 7, 2009

McCain Commercial

This is a response I had to a very frustrating commercial a while back...

To start everything off, you should watch this video:

How pathetic is that? Trying to take a "face to face" kind of talk, like about drugs or something, and turn it into a political ad with no substance whatsoever. Every single thing any of the speakers said could be turned in favor of McCain, if you just switch the names around. One of the things that upset me the most was how they talked. These kids, (Close to our age I think?) acted like they spoke on behalf of our entire generation. Do they really think they can get away with that? I really wish some Republican organizations (Or Libertarian for that matter... but I doubt it) would counteract these kinds of commercials! I feel like the ones who are right, the ones who UNDERSTAND, are too cowardly to do anything about it; as if having a commercial as bold as this one would be a negative thing. The Substance of this commercial was terrible, though. The only thing close to a policy I saw for either candidate was the "Drill Baby Drill" hat. I have two things to say about that:

1. If that Ad was for McCain, it could have easily said "Kill babys, kill". Because thats EXACTLY whats going to happen if Obama gets his way. Third Trimester abortions anyone??? http://www.ontheissues.org/Barack_Obama.htm

2. So what if McCain is for drilling oil? Isn't that kind of what we need right now? I mean, most of the Obama supporters in this country whine about not having enough gas to get to their *COUGH* gang meetings *COUGH* I mean, hard-working jobs. Lets think about this... Lets say all of these people own cars to start with. How fast will IMMEDIATELY researching hybrid/solar/hydrogen fueled vehicles help us? 10 years? 20 years? And even then, they will be expensive as hell. MUCH more so than petrol-fueled vehicles.

Hydrogen cars

Solar Cars (test model, not even fully working)

Hybrid Cars

The funniest thing I saw was on the Hydrogen car link, there was an ad for Obama right in the middle.. XD

So why would it be WORSE to DRILL while we wait for the prices of these alternatives to come down? I know that petrol is a non-renewable resource, but why not use it while its available? Why is Obama so against it? Well, probably just because McCain is for it? Or maybe just to cater to his environmentalist voting block. Either way, its silly. How much damage could drilling for oil really cause? I mean, the most extensive oil spill I can think of was the Exxon Valdez, and that wasn't even THAT big of a deal! It was a freak incident... and totally worth it, too.

So, other than the fact that this commercial was especially catered to young voters (One of the most ignorant voting blocks in the nation), had no substance to it AT ALL, used the fame of its speakers to get attention (I mean, I didn't even know they were famous until my sister told me. Once again, young voters), and was just an overall smear of McCain (Not to mention a blanket insult to everyone Republican)... it was great! Honestly, if ONE PERSON changes their mind because of this Ad, I'm disgusted. This was extremely poor taste on behalf of Moveon.org. But, its not like its anything new... MoveON has been throwing out sleazy ads like this for a while now; all of which are easily refuted, and just PROVE their arrogance. i.e. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTm5Pe0exwI)


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